About Us

Harry Eppers and Ryan Patrick, co-founders of Ryan Patrick Design

Ryan Patrick Design is a business intended to bring communities closer together through meaningful design and clothing.  We work closely with clients to create custom graphics for their shop and community in general. We specialize in merchandise design as well as offer branding services.

The business was started by two friends, Ryan Patrick and Harry Eppers, both local residents of Newtown, CT. After seeing their town come together during a time of great tragedy and sorrow in 2012, they were inspired to use their knowledge and passions to showcase this unity through design work. The two go to school in Boston and are in their third year, Ryan at Northeastern University and Harry at Boston College. Ryan studies Graphic Design while Harry studies Finance and Entrepreneurship. 

We have greatly enjoyed working on projects for our in-house brand, and have been fortunate enough to work with the following:

Fearlessly Facing Fifty

The Toy Tree

Basil Rose

Lorraine K. Boutique

Bitty Birdie Design


Newtown Youth Basketball Association

Regional Hospice Youth Project

Newtown BIPOC